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Second multidisciplinary tournament for school students, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Recommended time of participation in the event October 16, 2016 — 5–6 hours, but you can actually participate much longer (using the time reserved for the different time zones). Can I outwit all, to solve the problem 24 hours in a row and take first place in the tournament?

    It will not. The tournament is not a competition between the participants — the first (and second, third, and so on. D.) The place is not defined, and therefore they can not take. Assignments are made up so that their performance is enough for 5–6 hours. To participate in the tournament 24 consecutive hours is not recommended — because a person must not only learn, but also to rest. And if any job you do not have time to finish October 16 — on this you will have more a month.

  • At one testing system will be held in absentia event tournament. Would it be possible to get acquainted with the system in advance?

    The tournament will be scheduled in the system SmartTrain, developed by SmartDec. Registration in the system is scheduled to open September 1, 2016 immediately after the registration of the participants will get acquainted with the system by the example of the demo version.

  • How are shell commands to participate? How many people can be on the team?

    Teams are formed at the request of participants. Technically it can be implemented in two ways (by choice):

    The minimum number of team members — 1, maximum — not limited.

    During the tournament, his decision about the composition of teams can be changed at any time (taken into account when summing up the most recent selection of each participant).

  • Is it possible for one participant to enroll in multiple teams?

    Can. Please note that when it comes to a few commands such as "self-organizing creative team", as a result, they are automatically combined into one command.

  • As summed up team participation?

    For each team member takes into account the results of his team for the tasks that are designed for his or the older class.

  • What if some team members will pass a decision the same task?

    Each work will be tested. The test results of these studies will be combined. True solutions (full or partial) will be considered and will not be considered invalid. (That is, each participant surrendering his solution, can only improve the outcome of the team, and worsen — could not.)

  • How to take part not in the team, and individually?

    Just omit the members with whom you want to be on the same team. Received the "team" of one person (ie you).

  • Do I have to perform tasks on their own? What happens if you copy a solution from the Internet encyclopedia, the other participants, and so on. F.?

    The task of the jury of the tournament - to evaluate the creative achievements of participants. Evaluation of the authors of the sources from which the answers were written off in the task of the jury is not included. Formally, the jury is not possible to know how the work is done on their own. But in most cases is obvious lack of independence. For example, when the different parties to pass the same text (whatever they found in the same location of the Internet) when handed party text style does not correspond to the age of the participant, and its source is easily on the Internet using a search engine. Realizing that the work is done not by the party but by someone else, the jury will not be able to evaluate the creative achievements of the participant and the work will be left without assessment.

    In the case of participation of team communication between members of one team, of course, is not prohibited. At the same time take the same text it is only recommended 1 times - that the jury did not have to repeatedly read the same thing and put the same assessment.

  • And if I read the decision on the Internet and present it in your own words?

    If due to the Tournament, you will learn something new (and read in the read will understand) – it's very good! But to take only recommended to check what you have done on their own, not borrowed from somewhere. Otherwise you will get an assessment that is not theirs and other people's work.

  • I participated in the tournament individually (10/16/2016), and then still want to participate in the team. Do I have the solutions that I passed as an individual participant to take more time to be considered in the team results?

    Not necessary. The test results of these decisions will be automatically included in the results of the team, to which you will. Solutions must pass again only if you want them to correct or supplement.

  • How and in what format can take decisions (online participation)?

    Solutions correspondence participants shall be in your account in the system of the Tournament (http://konkurs2016.online.turlom.info). The decision of each job in each subject separately for rent.

    You can type (paste) text directly into the editing window solutions and / or make one or more images in the formats jpeg, gif, tiff, png, bmp. Images can be created directly on the computer, and obtained by scanning (or photographing) pages of the work carried out on paper. Images must be of good quality — crisp, with very apparent letters and detail drawings.

  • How to type formulas?

    The formulas can be typed in place using clear text designation, for example:
    2KMnO4 + 3K2SO3 + H2O = 3K2SO4 + 2MnO2 + 2KOH
    ROOT(3 + 2*ROOT(2)) - ROOT(2) = 1

    You can also use the notation adopted in the TeX.

    Also, of course, the formula can be written on paper and attach scanned (image).

  • Is it possible to take decisions in formats doc, xls, odt, pdf, GeoGebra and so on. F.?

    It is impossible, since the possibility of a correct view of these files depends on the settings of your computer matches the participant and the jury. For example, it may be that the party put into their work formula, and the jury will not be able to read them.

    If decisions were made in a form before sending it necessary to convert to one page image.

  • Can I use in solving animated pictures, video and audio? (For example, it may be necessary to clarify the mechanism of formation of sounds in the task of linguistics at the phonetic patterns.)

    You can not. Decisions in this form is very difficult to verify. Such materials must be converted into the form of text and normal images.