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The State Budgeraty Educational Institution of the City of Moscow School «Intellectual»

Second multidisciplinary tournament for school students, 2016

on math, math games, physics, astronomy, earth sciences, chemistry, biology, history, linguistics, literature

October 16, 2016 — individual participation (online or intramural).
From October 17 till November 18, 2016 — team and individual online participation.

Tasks of Tournament (PDF)

Dear students!

We invite you to take part in the extramural Tournament in several subjects: math, math games, physics, astronomy and earth sciences, chemistry, biology, history, linguistics, literature.

The goal of the Lomonosov Tournament coined in Moscow in 1978 is to provide participants with food for thought, encourage talents and promote interest in science. We organize the multi-disciplinary Tournament in order to preserve and continue all the good traditions of the tournament named after M.V. Lomonosov and other similar competitions.

We invite you to participate in our tournament aimed at 5–11 grade students audience (students approximately aged 10–18 ). Everyone can participate but to those who are still studying in elementary school tasks may seem complicated and even incomprehensible. Participation is absolutely free.

To participate you need a computer connected to the Internet. Solutions can be typed on the keyboard or downloaded as a picture or a scan.

Participation can personal or in a team. You can do the Tournament tasks in a limited time and compete in solving tasks in time give or focus on deep understanding of a problem given and solve problems the whole month thereafter (with the ability so send your solution as well). You can select tasks you like on any subject you are interested in.

The Tournament jury will check all solutions received, publish correct solutions and verification and awarding criteria. You will be able to see your work with the jury marks and check results. You are allowed to appeal if necessary.

For successful performance participants are awarded with diplomas (in electronic form).

Participation in the tournament and a diploma for successful performance don't affect participation in any other tournaments, don't give incentives to enroll in any college or any other formal benefits.

Good luck!

The jury creates competition tasks and invites everyone to take part in the work.

Don't hesitate to contact the jury if you want to suggest a task or an idea for a tournament.

E-mail address of the organizing committee: konkurs2016@turlom.info